As we move into our mature years, mindfulness offers many skills that can greatly assist in the aging process. The many challenges and blessings of aging are met with greater clarity, strength and equanimity.  Mindful self-compassionate aging offers:

Mindful attention deepens our capacity to live each moment with greater appreciation.  With self-compassionate mindful awareness, the preciousness of life becomes more vivid.   We begin to realize that our time on earth is limited and that each moment is precious.

Savoring daily experiences with depth and pleasure, particularly those we may have previously taken for granted.  As our external activities naturally become more limited, self-compassionate mindfulness can help us discover beauty, and nourishment in our lives. Even everyday activities may provide a source of deep satisfaction.

Relating to the physical and the emotional stress of aging with self-compassion. Mindfulness practices can help us to relate to physical  pain and  the psychological challenges that often accompany aging.

Mindfully grieving the inevitable losses of our later life.  Rather than overly focusing on what we are no longer able to do, we can more deeply appreciate our meaning filled moments. As we begin to experience health and personal losses, mindful self-compassion may assist us in our grieving process. We can learn how to be more at peace with the transitory nature of all life.

The bilingual mindful aging workshops and individual mentoring sessions introduces participants to mindfulness practices that can facilitate our transition into our mature years. Additional topic include:

  • Making time for what we most value in our elder years.
  • Discovering the precious value of our inner lives as our outer activities naturally become more limited.
  • Becoming self-compassionate care-givers who make time to care for ourselves while caring for others.
  • Honoring the gifts we have to offer the community in our elder years.
  • Not abandoning the tender sensuality of life as we age together with loved ones.

Mindful aging workshops, groups and individual mentoring is offered by experienced bilingual facilitators and therapist.